Forestry Management

As processors of wood products, we are constantly searching for and monitoring suppliers who have established forest management plans, thus ensuring compliance with our commitment to environmental, social and economic standards.

The wood we use as raw material, in the case of radiata pine, comes from external sawmills, while the poplar is obtained from Compañía Agrícola y Forestal El Álamo Ltda., belonging, as does Temsa, to Grupo Fósforos.

Compañía Agrícola y Forestal El Álamo Ltda., is one of the most important forestry companies in the country. Dedicated to the forestation and exploitation of poplar plantations, its main objective is to supply high standard quality timber in a timely manner to the subsidiary industrial plants. It has around 4,000 hectares, which represent the highest concentration planted with this species, as well as annually increasing the plantations over the resource that is exploited.