In accordance with its principles and values, the Compañía Agrícola y Forestal El Álamo Ltda., will maintain an adequate balance between the sustainable development of its forestry activities, socio-economic development and environmental protection, committing itself to the following principles:

  • Look after the water courses, the protection and maintenance of adjacent flora and fauna
  • Respect the current national legislation.
  • To use the water resources that it utilizes in a rational and sustainable way.
  • Promote citizen participation in environmental issues.
  • Protect environmental resources in their distribution, quantity, quality and diversity.
  • Repair, mitigate or compensate for any eventual environmental damages that may be caused.
  • Prevent environmental damage.
  • Gradualism and continuous improvement in the management of water resources.
  • Cuidado de los cauces, protección y mantención de la flora y fauna adyacente.
  • Respetar la legislación nacional vigente.
  • Usar en forma racional y sustentable los recursos hídricos que emplea
  • Promover la participación ciudadana en temas medioambientales
  • Proteger los recursos ambientales en su distribución, cantidad, calidad y diversidad.
  • Reparar, mitigar o compensar los eventuales daños medioambientales que pudiesen ocasionarse.
  • Prevenir los daños ambientales.
  • Gradualismo y mejoramiento continuo en la gestión de los recursos hídricos.

Forest Management

Forest management is based on the establishment, management, protection and harvesting of forest plantations, under a framework of respect and harmony with the natural and social surroundings, in compliance with the demanding, socially fair and economically viable international standards of respect for the environment.

In our case forest management is mainly focused on the poplar, a species that gives us round wood logs which can be rotary cut or peeled into thin layers, of high quality, homogeneous and in sufficient quantity to supply raw material to our industrial plants that manufacture the products sold by Compañía Chilena de Fósforos and Temsa.

The poplar has been selected for our industrial process mainly due to the qualities of the wood; white color, non-resinous, fast growing and a short rotation period.



DeSince its beginning, the company has developed and carried out activities, reports and studies with the purpose of monitoring changes that may occur in relation to sylvicultural, environmental and socio-economic aspects. This has contributed to generate the development of a complete monitoring system for each area, making up the companies Comprehensive Management Plan. This system, in its definition, considers the variables to be measured, the intensity and frequency of the measurements, monitoring methodology to be applied, periodic review mechanisms, reporting systems for the results and the feedback mechanisms of the Comprehensive Management Plan. Some of the most important variables to monitor are:

Measures to mitigate

environmental impact in the workplace.

Employment creation

indicators (labor force).


of poplar seedling.

Chemical and bacteriological analysis

of irrigation water (hydrological network).


of harvested wood.



Accident rate


Permanent monitoring plots

at BAVC Santa Delfina.


Certification Name Certification Reviews Certified Company Certification Product Where It Applies
FSC® C011000 Chain of Custody Temsa Los Lagos Plant Rainforest Alliance Poplar and Eucalyptus wood
FSC® C008582 Chain of Custody Temsa Copihue Plant Rainforest Alliance All Products
FSSC 22000 Food Quality Temsa Copihue Plant DNV Ice Cream Sticks in all formats, except second selection