Closet Doors

Model Useable width mm Available Colours
Door Louvers/Louvers 600-700-750-800-900-1000 Natural – White
Door Louvers/Panel 600-700-750-800-900-1000 Natural – White
Door Panel/Panel 600-700-750-800-900-1000 Natural – White


Product Dimensions mm
Classic Baluster 42mm 42mm 800mm
Grooved Baluster 42mm 42mm 800mm
Classic Newell Post 70mm 70mm 1020mm
Grooved Newell Post 70mm 70mm 1020mm
Short Handrail 45mm 65mm 1500mm
Long Handrail 45mm 65mm 3000mm
Short Tread 38mm 200mm 900mm
Long Tread 38mm 200mm 1020mm
Short Riser 19mm 150mm 900mm
Long Riser 19mm 150mm 1000mm


Radiata - Oregon Pine Stairs

Persian Blinds

Our blinds are made of knot free radiata pine wood, and can include a first coat of white paint.

Wooden spatulas for mixing paint

Wooden rulers